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About me

About me

I have worked in education since the 1970s. 

After my training in the UK, I went to India, where I taught, for two years, at our own school, Neel Bagh, in South India. Making resources was a particular passion for me, and I developed teaching/learning materials, trained teachers, and helped to run the family Educational Trust.

From 1979-81, I worked with Action In Distress (Actionaid), India, as Chief Education Officer. I helped to set up over fifty rural schools all over India; trained teacher-trainers and teachers; developed teaching materials in all subjects (at Primary Level) for use in rural schools.

From 1981 to 1987, I worked as a teacher and teacher-trainer, Headmaster, Trustee, and subsequently Managing Trustee of Neel Bagh Trust, Rayalpad, Karnataka, South India. The Neel Bagh Trust ran three rural schools in Karnataka and Andhra, and helped to set up a number of other schools all over India.

After moving to the UK in 1987, I wrote and worked as an educational consultant. 

Author and Educator


Since 1975 I have been an author of Primary School textbooks and other educational books (mainly for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). These are published by Oxford University Press India and Pakistan. I have also worked in a number of other roles in the field of education. 

This site contains some information about my life. It is also a record of my work, containing information about some of the books I have written and examples of some of the titles that are on the market today. Currently there are over 200 of my books on the market. 

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Author and Educator
India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

I was born in Bangalore, India. I have spent over 26 years in India (in urban and rural environments). I speak a number of Indian languages.

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

My mother, Doreen Horsburgh, was born and brought up in Sri Lanka. You can read more about her and her memoirs here

I have travelled extensively in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka for pleasure and for work. 



  • Early education in India at:

    • The Rishi Valley School, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh.

    • The Lawrence School, Lovedale, Nilgiris.

  • 'A' levels at The Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, Cambridge, England.

  • BA Honours in South Asian Studies at The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University.

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Practice and Theory of Education/TEFL) at The School of Education, Leicester University.


Nicholas Lester Horsburgh

Mum and Dad.jpg


Penny and I have been married since 1971. We have three children, Katherine, Claire and Timothy, and seven grandchildren. 

Penny and I are currently living in Dubai.

Education Consultant
Educational Consultant
  • Assisted and advised a number of Independent schools in India over the past forty years.

  • Conducted over two hundred Teaching workshops dealing with the teaching of English, Science, Social Studies, and Art and Craft for Oxford University Press in India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Sri Lanka (1986-2018).

  • Invited by the British Council as their Visiting ELT Expert to conduct a workshop in Orissa for Head Teachers and to participate in a TED (Teaching English to the Disadvantaged) Seminar in Madras (February 1996).

  • In September 1997 took part in the DPEP (District Primary Education Programme) Joint In-Depth Review Mission in India as a representative of the European Commission, and subsequently joined a team undertaking a review of the European Commission Support to the DPEP.

  • January 1998 represented the EU as a resource person at a conference and workshop on Multi-grade/Multi-level teaching/learning (under DPEP) held in Gurgaon, India.

  • 1995-1998 - voluntary Project Manager for South India, GAP Activity Projects, UK, setting up placements for GAP year students in India.

Speaking to headteachers at Am House.jpg
Speaking to headteachers at the British Embassy, Karachi, 2016


I began writing professionally in 1974 with the first of numerous freelance writing assignments. Since 1975, I have written Primary School textbooks and other educational books (mainly for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and currently there are just over 200 of my titles on the market. These are published by Oxford University Press India and Pakistan.


An abridged list of major publications:

  • English Junior Dictionary (Vikas Pub. 1978)

  • Looking at Life (1983) A series of five EVS/Social Studies books for Primary schools in India.

  • Modern English (1984-1987: Revised and adapted, New Oxford Modern English, twice) A series of ten English Readers, ten Workbooks and Teacher's Guides for Primary and Middle schools in India.

  • New World (1990) A series of five EVS/Social Studies books for Primary schools in India.

  • Sound English (1990) A series of five Phonic Readers.

  • Environmental Studies for Matriculation Schools (Tamil Nadu) Books 1-3.

  • Environmental Studies (Gujarat) Workbooks 1-3

  • Oxford Primary Science for Pakistan (1990) A series of six Science books, along with Teacher's Guides.

  • Integrated Primary Science (1993 and subsequent revisions) A series of six science books for India.

  • Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan (1993) A series of seven Social Studies/Evs Books.

  • Natural History for Sindh (1992) A series of six Natural History Books for Sindh. (Adaptations for Punjab, Baluchistan, NWFP, and Pakistan.)

  • English Now! (1997-99, and revisions 2001) A series of ten English Coursebooks, ten Workbooks and ten Teacher's Guides for use in Primary and Middle Schools in India.

  • Art & Craft (1998-99) A series of five Art and Craft books for use in primary schools (India and Pakistan).

  • Oxford Reading Circle (2003, and revisions) A series of nine readers.

  • Oxford Reading Treasure (2006) A series of 15 storybooks at 5 levels.

art and craft for P
Looking at Life SSforINDIA
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New World SSfor INDIA
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