Social Studies for India

Writing Social Studies books for schools in India is no easy task. In the first two years of school pupils study Environmental Studies — a mixture of topics based on the environment, society, health, civics, religion, civics and science. This leads on to Social Studies in years 3, 4 and 5, where the topics are related to History and Geography. Publishers find it difficult to produce books, especially for Grade 3, which are particularly relevant to a specific region. The Grade 3 syllabus states that the material to be studied, for Geography in particular, should be related to the child’s immediate environment; in other words, the pupils must learn about their own state or geographical region.

In 1983, I produced a series called Looking At Life. The textbook for Grade 3 was introduced by two children, a boy and a girl, who travelled around the country, thereby educating the readers to all the states of the nation!

Looking At Life was produced under the name of Rupert Hayward and Nicholas Horsburgh. Rupert Hayward was the name of my grandmother’s brother, and he took no part in writing the books as he died many years before I was born! The New World series was produced under the name of Neil Gardner (a joke: Neil = Neel; and Gardner is from Garden = Bagh. Neel Bagh was the name of the school we ran).

Here is a small sample of the books

You can flip through a few pages of this one:

For details of the whole output of Social Studies/Environmental Studies textbooks for India, contact me.

Social Studies for India 

Looking At Life, 1983

EVS/Kannada Edition, 1986

New World, 1990

EVS for Gujarat, 1994